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Carol Nolte

“Carol Nolte is a wonderful choreographer who brings fresh vision to her interpretation of the dance.  Her work is accessible, and examines the fragile landscape of the human heart.” 

-Howard Kaplan, Dance Biographer


Choreographer Carol Nolte has been teaching and performing for and about women for more than 30 years. Her work testifies to the strength, sexuality, and independence of women through subtle and irresistible dance creations  She is currently creating “Elements,” a solo work calling to the innate human reverence for the silent storytelling by elders in movement--the voice of the soul.

We are currently offering “The Raven’s Wife,” a 30 minute performance piece which can include a participatory workshop with the audience.  The Raven’s Wife” is appropriate for all audiences, and particularly effective for community groups, from seniors to school children.  “The Raven’s Wife” is based on a seminal Inuit legend and speaks to survival and transformation through courage.  The show includes live music, dance theater and props.  It is unusual, lively and exciting.

Touring Program

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